WSL Icons Weigh in on Upcoming Founders’ Cup of Surfing

Informally recognized during last season�™s test event at the Surf Ranch facility, the WSL is proud to celebrate the following seven individuals as key founders of the sport ahead of this May�™s event:

Fred Hemmings (HAW): 1968 World Champion, IPS Co-Founder

Randy Rarick (HAW): IPS Co-Founder, Triple Crown of Surfing Co-Founder

Peter Townend (AUS): 1976 World Champion, Founding Member of APSA

Shaun Tomson (ZAF): 1977 World Champion 

Wayne Bartholomew (AUS): 1978 World Champion, Dream Tour Architect

Mark Richards (AUS): Four-Time World Champion (1979 – 1982)

Ian Cairns (AUS): Co-Founder APSA, Smirnoff and Duke Winner, ASP Architect

�œSurfing is steeped in an impressive amount of history and heritage,” said Sophie Goldschmidt, WSL CEO. �œThese seven individuals were instrumental to organizing professional surfing from its infancy through to where it is today and we�™re very excited to celebrate their ongoing vital relationships with the sport and culture of surfing.”

The Surf Ranch facility, which was revealed online to the public in December 2015, boasts the best man-made wave in history – a 700-yard, high-performance, bi-directional wave featuring barrel sections and maneuver sections.

Primarily existing as a testing facility, the Lemoore site has spent the past two years dialing in the technology under the guidance of 11-time WSL Champion Kelly Slater and feedback from visiting WSL surfers. A private test event last September proved very successful, paving the way for the May Founders’ Cup of Surfing and the Surf Ranch Championship Tour event in September.

�œThe Surf Ranch is the logical extension of planned surf competitions,” Randy Rarick said. �œFrom a logistical point of view, it allows the WSL to bring the surf to the fans. It is a dream wave that can now be enjoyed by all.”

�œI think the Kelly Slater Surf Ranch is groundbreaking, they�™ve developed a magical perfect wave and while you can never replace the challenge of nature�™s surf, to me it�™s just another challenge as a surfer to catch some waves there and try to rip it,” Peter Townend said. �œIt�™s another great surf spot/location and I surely haven�™t heard too many say they don�™t want the chance to surf it.”

A first for the world’s best surfers, the continental co-ed teams event will see a cross-section of the world’s best surfers battling it out for the public at the world’s most high-performance man-made wave.

�œSurfing for your country is really a cool experience and having a team to support is different and engaging for an athlete in an individual sport,” Ian Cairns said. �œIt also strengthens the bond between the male and female team members…both the men and the women have to win to help the team win. That is such a cool thing and I�™m really looking forward to seeing how the teams perform in May.”

�œI have always advocated a ‘Davis Cup’ style event and I applaud WSL for combining the worlds’ best men and women in the one event,” Wayne Bartholomew said. �œThe line-up of superstars is mindblowing!”

�œProfessional surfing has grown beyond my expectation,” Fred Hemmings said. �œI believe the next big step in the evolution of professional surfing will come about because of wave generation technology such as Kelly Slater�˜s wave ranch.” 

In addition to interacting with Founders�™ Cup attendees for autograph sessions, photo opportunities and Story Sessions for the public, the Founders will be showcasing their timeless surfing ability in a special exhibition session during the event.

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About WSL

The World Surf League (WSL) is dedicated to celebrating the world�™s best surfing on the world�™s best waves through a variety of best-in-class audience platforms. The League, headquartered in Santa Monica, is a global sport with regional offices in Australasia, Africa, North America, South America, Hawaii, Japan and Europe.

The WSL has been championing the world’s best surfing since 1976, annually running in excess of 180 global events across the Men’s and Women’s Championship Tours, the Big Wave Tour, Qualifying Series, Junior and Longboard Championships, as well as the WSL Big Wave Awards. The League possesses a deep appreciation for the sport’s rich heritage while promoting progression, innovation and performance at the highest levels, and in doing so crowns the undisputed world champions in Men�™s, Women�™s across all divisions within the tour.

Showcasing the world’s best surfing on its digital platform at as well as the free WSL app, the WSL has a passionate global fan base with millions tuning in to see world-class athletes like Tyler Wright, John John Florence, Paige Alms, Kai Lenny, Taylor Jensen, Honolua Blomfield, Mick Fanning, Stephanie Gilmore, Kelly Slater, Carissa Moore, Gabriel Medina, Courtney Conlogue and more battle on the most unpredictable and dynamic field of play of any sport in the world.

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