VIDEO: Bakkie goes for early morning swim at Salmon Bay

Shortly after 5am this morning (Monday) a fishing trip took a turn for the worse when the sea decided to try swallowing a Toyota Hilux whole.

Dirk Kriel of the Ballito Ski Boat Club was helping his friend Herman Labuschagne launch his boat at Salmon Bay when mighty Poseidon decided he had other plans. Pushing the boat into the surf with Labuschagne’s Hilux, Kriel found himself window-deep in the surf.

“When I realised I was in trouble I immediately jumped out the driver’s side window,” Kriel told the Courier.

Kriel ran back to the permanent winch installed at the club’s launch site but said it could not pull the bakkie out.

“We also tried to get it out with two other bakkies, but it just wasn’t going to come out.”

Dirk Kriel and the bakkie after it had been pulled out of the surf.

Eventually, the KwaDukuza Fire Department was called and they showed up and managed to get Labuschagne’s bakkie out of the surf.

Kriel said after the bakkie ended up in the water, Labuschagne phoned him from the boat to ask if should come back.

“I told him what’s the point now, it has already happened. He may as well go enjoy his fishing.”

WATCH: The early morning launch did not go quite as planned:

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