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30 Jun 2017

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Ten Things From Surfing & The Internet On The Week That Was June 30, 2017 

1. Koa Smith Took A Fidget Spinner In A Tube

Ugh. Okay. Alright. That’s enough guys. That’s enough with the fidget spinners. Koa Smith has taken a fidget spinner to Namibia, paddled out with it at Skeleton Bay, and got ridiculously shacked with it spinning in his hand in front of him, all the while filming the equally impressive and inane stunt on a GoPro. So we’re done, right? Done with fidget spinners forever? Please make it so.

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2. I’m Adriano De Souza

How good is comedy? You know, when someone makes a skit, or a joke, or an impersonation, and it’s funny, and you laugh and laugh and laugh? I really hope I can see some someday.

3. Best of Kookslams 2017

So Kookslams released a best of 2017 compilation from their library of hilarious wipe-outs to Youtube this week. Some people think that June is a tad early to be releasing a best of compilation from the year that’s passed, what with more than half the year actually not having taken place yet, but all great feats and innovative strides forward in world history have been met with the criticism of idiots. They’ll probably be the first to hate on my best surfing performances of 2021 article I’m writing next week too, the schmucks.

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4. Dane Fairly Normal

What if I told you there was a great 14 minute day in the life style doco on Dane Reynolds released this week that also featured a whole bunch of new surf footage of the Venturian powerhouse? Would that be something you might be interested in? Yes? Okay, sweet, well hit play below and enjoy, my jobin.

5. Humble by Zac Heath

Zac Heath made this clip. I love Zac Heath. He shot a cover of Surfing World once. The Otis Carey cover. This clip is a desert feeling tube fest starring an unknown but very good surfer in Tom Wadsworth. It’s a great clip, made exceptional by the cinematic sounding Nick Cave number that backs it. Great stuff.

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6. Pumping Burleigh From The Sky

There have been some pretty good waves breaking on the east coast of Australia lately. Burleigh Heads is on the east coast of Australia, so it was one of the places with these pretty good waves. Some surfers even did a barrel. You can watch it from the sky thanks to Jess Little and his drone. I like the way this video ends. Just, bang, middle of the song, no fade, the end. Do you think this video would have benefitted from the addition of a fidget spinner? 

7. Albee Layer’s Black Wave

Albee Layer released a top-notch clip this week, with all the big aerials and big waves you can expect out of Maui’s finest. Every time Albee drops one of these clips he seems to make a claim at the title of best aerialist in the world. This clip is no different. Zoltan Torkos is still no.1, though. #ForeverZoltan

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8. Lots and Lots of Cold Barrels

Apparently this is in Scotland, which brings us to the question: Scotland pumps? Who knew? Other than these guys, obviously. And maybe Ewan McGregor and Irvine Welsh. Really must reread Trainspotting, far out that’s an incredible book. One time Vaughan Blakey and I ripped off the introduction to Trainspotting for an introduction to a Surfing World travel themed issue. Derek Rielly then told Vaughan it was the best thing he’d ever written, true story.

9. Two Weeks In France With Frankie Harrer

Frankie Harrer is a young American pro out of Malibu whom you might remember as the teenage girl that towed Teahupo’o a while back. This is a new clip from two weeks of hers spent in France shredding the bag out some fun beachies and walking around pretty French streets. Interesting fact about France, they speak French there sometimes. Nice!

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10. All In: The Jadson Andre Profile

It’s a little known fact for us surf fans outside the pro surf bubble that amongst the surfers on the CT, Jadson Andre is one of the most popular characters around. Perhaps after watching this WSL profile piece released this week he might become one of your favourites too. The dude is a deadset legend.

Bonus… The Dooley Podcast

Episode 21 of The Dooley, surfing’s only weekly podcast, asks all the big questions. The huge questions. The greatest questions of all time. Like which alcohol brand is Julian Wilson spruiking? Will Jack Freestone and Alana Blanchard’s baby become the king of Instagram? And is California a state of kooks, nothing but kooks? Okay, so not that huge. But still fun.

And that was this week in surfing. In fact, that was all the weeks in surfing. See, this was the 225th This Week In Surfing column, and it will also likely be the last. When I started this ridiculous and stupid column back in June 2012, I vowed to anyone who was listening, “I will do 225 of these. No less, no more.” 

“Huh?” Said my co-worker, busy at his computer playing chess.

And so here we are. Have a good weekend, everyone.

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