The Best East Coast Waves Of Instagram On Sunday 23rd July 2017

23 Jul 2017


SUNDAY 23rd July 2017


WAVES: 2-4ft SE @ 13 seconds
WIND: 3-10kn WNW- NW
WATER TEMP: 20-21degrees
AIR TEMP: 20-23degrees 

Sunday shaped up as an excellent day of clean, powerful surf. With solid 4 to 6ft sets in the mix south of the border early and a continued south-eastward shift in swell-direction ensured it continued to wrap in across southern Queensland at a good size. The light WNW to NW winds did favour exposed breaks, while reducing quality along the points with slight chop-on-the-face for most of the day.

As this weekend’s swell-event scales down in size early into the week we’re still looking at some minor S swell reinforcing surf-heights across the northern NSW on Tuesday, preceding a more substantial kick on Wednesday. This follows a new frontal progression linked to a deep mid-latitude low moving into our swell window on Monday.

Local surf reporter John Charlton commented that The swell [is] bigger this morning out of the SE in the 2-3ft range on the points and 3-4ft on the beaches more open to the S swell.”


WAVES: 4-6ft SSE @ 12 seconds
WIND: 5-13kn NNW-NW
WATER TEMP: 19-20degrees
AIR TEMP: 20-22degrees

And further south we saw an easing in the SE groundswell with waves ranging from 3 – 6ft exposed breaks early, dropping to 3 – 4ft+ into the afternoon. The wind stayed on track from the WNW at 5 to 15 knots across the coast tending NW and freshening during the afternoon.

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