Ten Perfect Empties From Around Portugal

Providing the most pleasant climate and longest swell window of all the Western European nations, Portugal’s expansive and exposed coastline has always been a favourite for travelling surfers. It plays host to a whole array of different set-ups, including some of the best beach breaks and reefs in Europe.

Whilst the coastal area around Lisbon is very well developed, with a massive surf population, the regions to the north and south of the capital offer a much more rustic, uncrowded surfing experience, especially in the winter.

Perfect barrels regularly replete the beaches around Peniche, with a myriad of more mellow beachies stretching all the way down past Lisbon and to the Algarve. There are spots that hold massive size better than many other areas in Europe, including of course the world famous Nazare, which plays host to the biggest waves breaking over sand anywhere in the world. Here are ten perfect empties from around its beautiful and wave rich coastline:

All photos by Luke Gartside

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