Stan's Top 5 holiday things to do in Narooma

As the journalist at the Narooma News for almost 12 years now, I thought I would compile a quick list of five things I love about Narooma that you are welcome to share and try out yourself:

Adventure – Fishing and wildlife watching at Montague Island to me is the premier activity at Narooma. You can go one better and actually step off onto Montague Island if you go with one of the approved charter boats and are met by one of the National Parks rangers living on the island. It always surprises me that not many locals have even been on Montague Island but I’ve been lucky to spend a few nights on the island over the years thanks to my profession.

Exercise – The best local hike for me is climbing Gulaga Mountain, formerly known as Mount Dromedary. There are two trails heading up with the main one, and longer one, being behind Pam’s Store at Tilba Tilba. But there is a shorter trailer off Punkalla Road on the other side of the mountain. Some would say the best spot are the tors or big granite boulders about two thirds of the way up, which hold great significance with the local Indigenous people. 

Swimming – As a member of the Narooma Numnutz winter swimming club, swimming is important to me and can be done year round. The winter swimmers regularly swim through the sometimes treacherous Narooma bar crossing, but a much safer option is the swimming enclosure at Bar Beach, known as the “shark net”. There can be some great marine life on the net and swimming around the enclosure. Just outside the net, there are seals and stingrays that you can swim with – just don’t get too close!

Dining – You can’t beat fish and chips from the Surfbeach Cafe down at Narooma main surf beach. The cafe is actually attached to the Narooma Surf Life Saving Club with a fabulous view of Montague Island. As a surf life saver, the patrols would often get a feed from the previous owners and lets hope this tradition continues with the a new owners.

Music venue – The little red shack that is the Quarterdeck is a Narooma institution and now has regular live music events, including this New Year’s Eve. Over the years, I have enjoyed some magical music down at the Quarterdeck with my personal highlight being Dog Trumpet featuring Reg Mombassa of Mambo fame. 

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