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By Jordan Root, AccuWeather meteorologist
7/26/2017, 9:40:34 PM

There are several different things to talk about for the next week so let’s get into it.

First, the Eastern Pacific tropical basin has been quite active over the past week or so, producing several systems. These have been fish storms (storms that remain out at sea their entire life) and really have not had much impact on any land masses.

Currently, Tropical Storm Irwin and Hurricane Hilary are churning in the open ocean southwest of Baja California. Hilary is expected to take a path that leads off to the northwest which would parallel the Baja California Coast.

Hurricane Hilary GOES 16NASA and NOAA

A snapshot of Hurricane Hilary in the Eastern Pacific Wednesday afternoon from GOES-16. The southern tip of Baja California can be seen towards the top of the image. Note: This data is preliminary and GOES-16 has not been declared fully operational yet.

While Hilary will remain well away from the coast, it is still expected to bring an extended period of rough surf along the coast of Southern California Friday through Tuesday. The highest seas and surf will likely occur Sunday through Monday with some sets generally 6 to 8 feet but some possibly up to 10 feet.

Rough Surf Hilary Southern California

This will present a few problems, including a dangerous risk for rip currents, minor coastal flooding during high tides and minor beach erosion. Swimmers should stay out of the water.

Dangers of Rip Currents - NWSNOAA

However, it will not be all bad as experienced surfers will likely enjoy the increase in wave action.

Second, a ridge in the upper-air pattern is expected to strengthen over the West this weekend into early next week. This will send the jet stream farther north and allow for heat to expand farther north and west.

Temperatures across Montana, Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and northern California will likely run 6 to 12 F above-normal during this time. It will turn quite hot so stay hydrated and take it easy if you are outside! Temperatures elsewhere across the west will vary from slightly above-normal to slightly below-normal, depending on clouds and storms from monsoonal moisture.

Heat West Next Week July

Speaking of monsoonal moisture, that is the final thing to focus on over the next week. We’ve been seeing showers and thunderstorms across the northern Rockies down to the Four Corners lately but it looks like some of the monsoonal moisture may back off slightly across northern areas.

Drier air will suppress the monsoon across the northern Rockies and Great Basin and the ridge will strengthen which will send storm systems farther north of the region. However, we can expect typical thunderstorm activity across the Four Corners where monsoonal moisture will remain in place. It is possible that Hilary could help draw a little bit more moisture into the Four Corners.

Any storm can produce downpours and can cause flash flooding so folks will need to be aware of their surroundings. While the rain is welcomed for fighting wildfires, there is also the concern for lightning strikes igniting new fires.

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