Hundreds of Santas take on surfing

More than 800 surfing Santas hung-ten in Cocoa Beach. The event started out as George Trosset’s local family tradition, a few years ago.

“We wouldn’t tell anybody about it beforehand,” Trosset said, “now it’s the least-kept secret in Cocoa Beach.”

They say about ten thousand people showed up to cheer-on hundreds of surfing Saint Nicks.

“I got a buddy, he’s gonna be surfing today,” said Lisa Karlovich, “so I want to see him get out on the board for the first time.”

“I love surfing, and the first year I did it the waves were super nice,” surfer Ethan Deibert said, “so that’s just a bonus coming here to catch some nice waves, too. So I thought it would be tons of fun.”

They’re also trying to make history. The surfing Santas are trying to break a record for the most people surfing a single wave.

It’s all for a good cause. T-shirt sales at the event are raising money for nonprofit groups Grind for Life and the Florida Surf Museum.

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