Golden retriever loves watching owner surf at Bethells Beach

A golden retriever named Milo has been a regular at Bethells Beach since he was a puppy.

But he’s not lost or lonely, he’s just watching his owner Dayne Maxwell surf.

“Getting ready to go for a surf at home, Milo sees me getting on my wetsuit and gets pretty excited so I feel kinda obligated to take him the beach, I feel pretty guilty if I leave him behind,” he told The Project.

“He’s been coming out here since he was a puppy and he’s been a surf dog for a year now, hanging out with me at the beach when I go surfing.”

When Mr Maxwell goes surfing Milo waits patiently, watching until he returns. But he’s always to play with people who are passing by.

“If there’s people around he might wander up and say hello, or say hello to the other local dogs and play with them, But if there is no one else around he just lies down by the water line and watches out for me, and just waits,” Mr Maxwell said.

But not everyone understands what’s going on. A family friend was out walking one day when she saw Milo, and thought he had run way or had gotten lost.

She ended up taking him home, and Mr Maxwell returned from his surf to find him missing.

So to avoid any confusion, when the pair are out for a surf Milo wears a tag which reads: ‘Dad’s surfing’.

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