Falmouth's Freeriders sponsors Sunday's UK Pro Surf awards

Falmouth surf shop Freeriders has announced that it will be the official sponsor for this year’s UK Pro Surf awards.

The awards look to celebrate the achievements from the UK’s competitive community, focusing on both performance and the surfing industry as a whole.

Keith Richards, founder of Freeriders, said: “The team and I are proud to be an official supporter of the UK Pro Surf Awards, supporting the sport from the very young… all the way through to the mature aging surfer in competitions nationally and internationally.”

Dave Reed, chief executive of the UK Pro Surf Association, said: “It’s great to have Freeriders onboard supporting the UK Surf Awards.

“[They are] providing incentives for people in the industry to advance their skills [and] encouraging the development of the sport.”

Freeriders will be sponsoring the event, alongside brands such as Quicksilver and Roxy, and are presenting the Freeriders Surf Ambassador award.

Richards said that they feel that the award should go to someone who plays a key role in the sport, but doesn’t “always get the credit they deserve” for the work that they put in to the “great sport of surfing.”

The awards will be held on November 26, at the Carnmarth Hotel in Newquay, starting at 7pm.

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