Dogs, cats hanging loose as they ride waves on surf machine

GILBERT, Ariz. (WFLA/NBC) – Animals are hanging forty as they ride the waves in a very unlikely place, hot, dry Arizona.

Joey Herrick, of the Lucy Pet Foundation, said the machine in the video above is the only portable canine surf machine in the world.

The machine is also good for cats.

The 5,000 gallon mobile tank took part in the year’s Rose Parade.

“There’s just a lot of smiles,” Herrick said. “I mean, when you see the dogs on the surfboard surfing, it’s fun to watch, and then, we let people go up to the top with their dogs. They walk their dogs up and then they take pictures of their dogs on the surfboard, so, even if the dog jumps off in the water, I mean, they’ll get great pictures.”

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