An Epic New Reel From Mr B; One Of Britain's Finest Surf Cinematographers

Being a surf filmer in Britain is a tough task.

It’s cold, it’s fickle, the kit costs a fortune and needs constantly replacing, the charts often lie, and you have to be able drop everything else in your life to go on trips at a moments notice. It’s for these, and many other, reasons there are so few dedicated British surf film makers. However, luckily for British surfing, there are a few talented guys who have stuck at, including one of our personal favourites, Mr B.

He burst onto the scene back in the early 2000’s with a series of British surf film, which remain unparalleled in terms of their content and production value to this day. In the last few years has re-emerged with a series of top quality web clips as well as contributing to larger onscreen projects, including The Endless Winter II.

“I love filming in the water” Mr B told us “and over this last year or so I’ve been filming with some of the best British and European surfers. From Moroccan and European adventures, Icy Scottish slab explorations, the best moments from UKPST and Boardmasters and home as good as it gets, here’s some of the best moments:”

Check out more of Mr B’s excellent work on his website, Instagram and Facebook

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